The Squash & the Pottery Vase

Feeling a bit reckless but happy, I signed up for the Slice of Life Story Challenge 2016. Today is Day One. For some reason, I feel compelled to do a Show and Tell.

Most mornings, unless I have to be somewhere else, I like to sit down at my desk with the first cup of coffee of the day and start sketching something. Nothing planned, just me and a pencil and a sheet of paper.

Whatever catches my eye is fair game. A bit of whimsy sets the right tone for the day!

I had an early class this morning, so didn’t have time to sketch. This is from yesterday. I had set up a Still Life the day before and put most of the things away. But these guys looked so cozy that they drew me in.

March 1 Squash and Pot
They Talked All Night (The Squash and the Pottery Vase)

The scribbles to the right, if you cannot make them out, are: “There was something about the vase that inspired confidence, so it was that they talked all through that strange first evening that they met.”


4 thoughts on “The Squash & the Pottery Vase

  1. I’m impressed you sit down and sketch most mornings. I find, especially in the winter, that it’s hard to pull myself from that comfy space under the covers. Good for you!


    1. I remember scraping ice off the windows … INSIDE the house. Three years in Oslo, Norway, four years in Duluth, Minnesota, four years in New England. Now I live in Florida, but all of my stories have history on their side!


  2. I am totally fascinated by the lives of artists. I find myself wanting to know more about you as an artist. Do you sell your work, or just do it for your pleasure?


    1. Carol,

      I tend to be more of a writer who dabbles in art to relax my mind and play with shapes and ideas.

      A few years ago though, I joined a local artist group, took some workshops, started entering shows.

      So, to answer your question, a little of both, I suppose!


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