Small Escapes

Yesterday, I came across some vintage Arches Hot Press watercolor paper. I’ve only ever used Cold Press, so wasn’t sure what to expect, other than a flat surface to work on.

Only have six sheets, but they are large (22 x 30 inches).  I took one sheet, folded it in half, then half again. Kept going until I ended up with two small test sheets, roughly 7 x 11 inches, to play with.

Test Sheet number one was Noodler’s Ink with an old dip pen. Was going to be a family heirloom – a pocket watch burned in a fire (story on that some other time) – but as so often happens with my coffee sketches, once the pen hit the paper, it took off on its own. The result is Watch, Man. (I love commas!)

Verdict: Love this Hot Press paper!!!!!!

watch man
Watch, Man

With Test Sheet number two, decided to try watercolor pencils with a Pentel Aquabrush. Once the colors had *pretty much dried, I felt the need to wander in with a Uniball pen. The ensuing scene is reminiscent of the city of Boston, as seen from a distance.

The things that look like balloons in the upper right-hand corner are notes on the colors. *The mauve (lower right hand edge) was still glistening when I took this picture.

The Escape …

3 thoughts on “Small Escapes

  1. I love that you went in 2 entirely different directions with each piece of the same paper. Love the Boston inspiration- I feel like I’ve sat on that bench and know the escape into Cambridge you’re talking about


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