Out of Season, Out of Time

There is something forlorn about these white shoes, not the least of which is the way they have been placed, gently, in a pile by the side of the road.

white shoes out of season.jpg


If only they had waited until Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

I couldn’t quite bring myself to wander into a stranger’s yard, even to dig through their cast offs. It felt awkward enough to stare, let alone photograph, but I put on my *Patti Smith persona and here we are, staring at someone’s shoes.

They meant something once, didn’t they? A special occasion:  wedding, prom dance, vacation to Italy (not very practical that last thought), who knows.

Had I been a little more daring, we might have discovered who made these, had some clue as to when these were made. More fun to guess, though: circa early 1980’s slingback high-heeled sandals?

On Wednesday morning the big blue truck came through and took everything away.

It’s only later, when I’ve uploaded the photograph, that I notice the brown sandals resting underneath the white shoes. They look sturdy, sensible. An appropriate guide for the Big Trip.  I wish them Bon Voyage.


* Just finished reading M Train.



5 thoughts on “Out of Season, Out of Time

    1. When I slow down, I see better. But the camera both sees AND remembers! I love that we can capture so much with so little (our cell phones). But I do have to wonder – what would Alexander Graham Bell make of it all?


  1. The composition of this picture is so interesting, with the whites and browns and broken chairs . And my mom really did tell us the white shoes only after Memorial Day. And I’m amazed at how goo people are at taking pictures on their cell phones. I’ve yet to master that art.


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