Granny in the Window

Two years ago, I paid $5.50 for a gorgeous African Violet plant from people who really know their stuff: The University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension office here in Okaloosa County.

Given my history with houseplants, I thought of it as a donation rather than an investment. And yet …

violets in the kitchen window.jpg

Here they are, in my kitchen window. This is actually the third generation, as I made several cuttings. The original plant hasn’t bloomed for a while, but that’s okay. Granny, as I call her, deserves a rest.

Here is Granny…


She’s a bit thirsty, so I will water her today. See the jar behind her? That’s where I keep the spent blossoms. They seem happy together, don’t you think?




13 thoughts on “Granny in the Window

  1. I have never done well with plants. I was given an African Violet two years ago and she like your Grannie, sits in my kitchen window. She hasn’t bloomed since the day I brought her home. Was I supposed to be making cuttings from her? She actually could be the twin sister of yours…she was a bit dry and droopy yesterday. I don’t know what will make her happy. I think I’ll name her Maw-maw.

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    1. Donna, I have no idea why this particular plant has done so well. First time for me. Suspect it was the quality of the original plant. Good luck with Maw-Maw!!!! Oh – and it won’t hurt to make cuttings. There are some good sources online on how to do that. It’s super easy, and I say that from someone who could kill a plastic plant!!!


  2. I have never thought about generations of plants, and I love the idea of a grandma violet. The jar of purple leaves is beautiful too. I’d like to have one of those in my kitchen.

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  3. I have an African violet that came in a basket of plants that were given to our family when my father died several years ago. It is the only plant the remains and will not bloom unless it is sitting on the kitchen table near the window. If I move it to another location on the same side of the house it does not bloom. So there is sits, taking up a place at our table through every meal! Maybe my dad’s way of always being remembered!

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