My Outdoor Writing Studio

My outdoor writing studio is like Mimi from La Boheme: beautiful but doomed.

Here is the view from a few weeks ago:

Outdoor writing studio earlier this year.jpg
My Outdoor Writing Studio: February 12, 2016. That’s my backpack on the table. Marking my territory!

Here is a view from earlier today:

outdoor studio long shot 2.jpg

They’ve started trimming the trees. Clearing the area.

inside the cage looking out at the future.jpg

In the foreground: the fence surrounding my writing studio, which I have come to call The Cage. Strangely comfortable to be fenced in. We’ll leave that discussion for another day. In the background: the sandy / dirt lot used to be the playground at the park.

The strip of green in the far background is the new outdoor hockey park. The surface is finished but the fence is only partially completed – the rest is blocked off with Crime Scene tape. Visually unsettling but I suppose it saves the City money.

new playground and picnic area.jpg

They relocated & upgraded the playground, much nicer location. Plus they added shiny new picnic tables.

I could contact someone from the City Parks Department to find out what they plan to do with my outdoor studio, but maybe it’s better if we keep quiet about this, okay??? Shhhh!


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