The Gargoyle and The Mannikin

Slice, Day Eleven: Come, meet two of my props…

Here is the Gargoyle. I love his expression. He is one of four ‘art buddies’ that I tend to keep on my desk. Sometimes he hangs out with me when I’m writing. Other times he sits on the bookshelf as if guarding the sacred texts of the world.

gargoyle original
Gargoyle on Desk Duty

Here is a charcoal sketch of Gargoyle that I worked on last summer. I took photos as I worked – good thing, too, because we had a leak in the roof over my studio, and the sketch got wet. If his hands look blurred, that’s because they are. He wouldn’t sit still.

Just kidding – the nice thing about charcoal is that you can rub and rework sections.

gargolye tinted
Gargoyle Sketch

Then there is the Manikin. I’ve had him long enough that he’s beginning to develop a patina. Either that, or he need a good bath. Here is is, arranging flowers for a still life.

mannikin still life group 021016
Manikin at Work

And here is the Manikin performing as Chadwick…

chadwick on tiptoe.jpg

In case you cannot read my scribbles, the accompanying text reads: Chadwick crept out of his stand at night when no one else was watching. At first, he took only a few, *tentative, wobbly steps. But each night he wandered farther, daring deeper into the inky black space beyond the known perimeters… 

*I realized after I finished the picture that tentative and perimeters were misspelled but the world went on spinning. The artist is out of the room at the moment, so the editor stepped in and fixed the typed text in this post. Shhhhhh!

ETA: Oh, and the artist is laughing because the writer/editor misspelled Manikin in the title of this post!!! Pointing & laughing, hahaha.


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