Discover(y) Art

A friend spotted this at the library and recommended that I check it out. I’m glad that I did. Haven’t had time to do more than glance through it, but it looks like a perfect book for those of  you who would like to incorporate art into your busy life but don’t know where or how to begin.

Art Before Breakfast: A Zillion ways to be more creative no matter how busy you are, by Danny Gregory.

art before breakfast.jpg
Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory






6 thoughts on “Discover(y) Art

  1. Heh heh, the title has a question and answer. Why don’t rushed, overly busy people get to be creative?
    My experience is, having done one of those art calendars, and having parked art materials on the kitchen table…for what? So I’d see them as I grabbed my lunch and headed out to commute to work!
    Not being critical here. Doing a drawing in the morning doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t replace the studio space and your habit of mind nurtured over time. Daniel Pink’s e-article, 4 Ways to Hack Your Inner Creativity gave me one clear thing to do. Stop doing focused, mantra type meditation and do “open-monitoring meditation.” The former is for making decisions and the latter is for creativity. One lineal and one spatial, if you will.
    The other three, my busy creative friend are: Make time for solitude, think differently intentionally, and embrace adversity.


    1. I’ll look into the Daniel Pink article and “open-monitoring meditation,” thanks!
      Gregory’s book is targeted more for people who would like to try their hand at art rather than someone who has a studio or space devoted to art. Some of the Slice Commenters had indicated a wish to be more artistic, hence today’s slice.


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