The Forest Takes a Stand

Two weeks along and I am still posting: Yowza!

At some point, I told myself I should create an editorial calendar. I got as far as several blank squares on an otherwise blank page. But at least it’s a start! I also thought it would be a good idea to write ahead of time.

On the other hand, that aspect of my personality – the one who shows up with coffee in the morning and starts this random searching for small-scale meaning in the ordinary details of the day – kind of avoids Planning Ahead. It’s the kid in me!

Which is why today, instead of the photo essay I had wanted to do for Day 14, I’m just going to post a piece of art that grew out of my Coffee Sketch sessions. I had fun with it, so hope you enjoy it!

foiled but moving right along.jpg


3 thoughts on “The Forest Takes a Stand

  1. I started out this month writing the night before to post in the morning. That has fallen by the wayside. Now I go through the day looking for little things to notice and write about. I think there are pros and cons to both.

    Love your drawing! It made me chuckle.

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    1. I agree that there are pros and cons. I have a tendency to overthink things though, so I find the spontaneity of just diving in to be refreshing. For now, anyway!

      Glad you enjoyed the drawing. These guys kind of crack me up so I’m happy they showed up in my life!


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