The Thief and the Tattooed Man

Day 18: I share strange news from the past.

From our local newspaper Today in Local History section, February 25, 2016 edition:

35 years ago Crestview (Florida) Fire Chief Dalton Brannon was on the lookout for a 300-pound fire hydrant that was stolen from a spot near Old Bethel Road.

Fire Hydrant

How desperate would you have to be to steal a heavy fire hydrant? Or maybe Spring Breakers just having some fun? Love the word choice here: “a spot” makes me think of Dalmatians.


water tower

20 years ago A Fort Walton Beach man sporting the tattoo of the First City Bank clock tower on his upper right arm climbed the tower and kept rescuers at bay for almost two hours.

This was was just strange. A tattoo of a bank on his arm? Who gets a tattoo of a bank, anyway? His right arm, mind you. Very specific, versus the generic ‘spot’ up in Crestview.

So there you have it: today’s slice is a small-town crime wave!

Edited to add: My brain is on spring break… for some reason I had him climbing the water tower. But was probably the clock tower, what with the tattoo and all, you think?  But leaving the water tower up just because!


2 thoughts on “The Thief and the Tattooed Man

  1. Sounds like this is a really dangerous place to live! Here’s what I wonder– after you stole the fire hydrant, what in the heck would you do with it.


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