The Panda and The Saint Go Shopping

I have it in my head that good, decent people do Spring Cleaning. On the other hand, writers Observe.

Or so I tell myself during my random attempts at getting organized, clearing clutter, doing something about X so I can Y. (Answers are optional, but feel free to provide your X’s and Y’s in a comment.)

My X/Y, at least for today, means going through my Pictures Library in my computer so that I can find something to write about for DAY 20 (!) of the Slice of Life Story Challenge.

By default, all my folders are labeled by date and images by thumbnail size, which makes them quite small. So when I found this nondescript image of a car in a parking lot, I wondered what it was that made me take a photo. And then I zoomed in and found this:

The panda and the bear go shopping.jpg

I say it’s a rental car and the Panda is trying to figure out how to start the engine. I also suggest that the Saint Bernard is wondering why it ever agreed to come on this trip.

What do you think?


16 thoughts on “The Panda and The Saint Go Shopping

  1. There is a photo hidden deep in my files of my son’s giant stuffed gorilla riding in a front end loader. I am pretty sure that your panda is having a face off with that gorilla!

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  2. I think cars provide lots of resources. I like using them to teach inferences. The other day Dan was driving and I took a picture of the Subaru ahead of us. Personalized plates: STRMTPR and in the window was a Star Wars decal of the Galatic Empire soldier.

    I would ask my students what can you tell me about the owner of this vehicle? What do you notice?


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