Strange Trespass

I haven’t been back to my outdoor writing studio since March 16th, 6th (! even worse!) which is the day that I posted about ‘my’ studio, which is located in our neighborhood park.

Here’s the photo that I had posted a couple of weeks ago:

outdoor studio long shot 2

Why haven’t I been back? Good question! And the answer is … Multiple Choice!

a) Been too busy

b) I spoiled it by talking about it

c) I’m avoiding it because I expect it to be torn down any day.

d) All of the above

e) None of the above

Answer Key:

a) While partly true, since I’m always busy, not a good answer.

b) Possibly true. But on the other hand, that’s a silly thing to think. So if that’s true, I’ll just have to get over it.

c) An even sillier reason. And so what if they tear it down? I can just move to another picnic table. And in the meantime, I can enjoy my own private enclosed writing space.

d) Yes, but also

e) True

Because I think that this is why I haven’t been back:

a deposit of rocks.jpg

Someone marked their territory. At first, I was amused. But then again, I haven’t been back. Why? Because I don’t want to disturb the pile of rocks. On the other hand, it doesn’t feel like my space anymore.

I’ve kinda sorta maybe decided that the next time I head over to the park to write, I will bring a rock with me and add it to the pile.

What would you do, if you were me?

ETA: Based on comments so far, we (Yes, Dear Reader, you too!) are going to reclaim this sacred writing space! I’ll continue to entertain suggestions, but I’m leaning towards … something paper. As in Paper, Rocks, Scissors, remember that old game?

Paper covers rock. But I don’t want to litter, so will either craft a paper flag to insert between the rocks while I’m there, or bring a large paper bag that is of sufficient size to cover the rocks while I am there. When I go, I shall take my ‘claims’ with me.

I love adventures!






16 thoughts on “Strange Trespass

  1. Do it! Do it all! Reclaim your space with your own rock pile in the opposite corner, but put a “quilted” flag in both piles of rocks staking you claim that is your land -er- table, dagnabi!

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  2. I love that you have a special picnic table for writing! The rocks remind me of my own children when they were young who loved to move rocks around, but they weren’t that important after they flitted on to the next adventure. I vote, “Take it back!” A flag would be fun…or just move the rocks.


  3. I don’t think you need to claim your space. You can share your space. There’s enough room for all of us. So, here’s what I’d do: rearrange the rocks. Add to ’em if you want, but essentially you’re leaving a message to the person sharing your space. Maybe they’ll communicate back to you. Or someone else will join. It could lead to great, serendipitous fun. (Really, I just like to get the word serendipity into any conversation. Sorry.)

    Keep us updated. I’m gonna live vicariously through you on this one cuz it sounds kind of interesting to me. There could be a great mystery before it’s all over. Thanks.

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    1. Sage advice. I’m thinking about going out with a flashlight after dark and leaving something… not my Creature of the Black Lagoon figurine (my first geocache find), though. I’ll think about it. The un-heist.


      1. Oh, awesome. It might turn out like that guy who leaves something on Edgar Allan Poe’s tombstone every year on Poe’s birthday. People know he’s coming, but he’ll never show until they leave him room to come and go.


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