I haven’t been this thrilled since I managed to successfully relocate a (possibly) Brown Widow Spider from my back porch to the great outdoors. But I digress…

If I were the planning type, this would be Part II of a series. As it stands, this is a follow up to yesterday’s post, in which I lamented the fact that I had been avoiding my outdoor writing space, and possible reasons why.

I asked that age-old question: What would you do if you were me?

Many wonderful responses, all of which I will probably follow. But “Reclaim Your Space” was the refrain, and a flag seemed to be the perfect tool. So this morning, instead of sketching, I worked out various designs for flags. Rummaged through the junk drawer, and then out to the back porch (formerly known as Brown Widow hangout) where I keep my collage papers, and … oh, but here is a photo for you:


This is what I came up with. A bamboo skewer, some hand-dyed rice paper, a bit of painter’s tape (the rice paper is surprisingly fragile and started to fall apart the moment that I used glue), and some 3M tape to patch up the places where the paper continued to fall apart.

My intent had been to plant the flag, take some pictures, do some writing, remove the flag, do a little dance in my head, and get on with my day.

But honestly, I was so psyched by the whole Reclaiming Territory idea that I stopped by the park  on my way to do other errands, marched to my outdoor writing studio and placed the flag. Took some photos. Even took a movie, which I will share if and when I figure out how to do that.

I almost took the flag away with me. But in the spirit of adventure (what would Edmund Hillary do?), I left it in place. Went off and did my errands. Drove by, saw that my flag was still there, hit the brakes, parked, forced myself to walk slowly all the way to the picnic table, and carried away my flag, as if I had rescued some living, fragile thing.







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