Skies and Sounds

Day 25: Musings

The theme/project of yesterday’s watercolor class was Skies. We practiced using variegated  wash and wax resist.

The image on the left is from a magazine. The paper on the right side is my first attempt at doing wax resist, using a white candle.

I made the mistake of laying down the candle before I sketched in the trees (the white parts in the sky and surrounding the trees are pretty much fixed in place and cannot be changed), so I turned this into a quick sketch of colors and shapes. Not a work in progress, but a decent practice of new (to me) techniques.

the study and the attempt first.jpg

Half way through the class, we heard the wailing of sirens. The art center is one block off of Hwy 98, which runs through downtown, over bridges, across several islands, has distracting views, frequent turns and – on a regular basis, accidents.

“Probably a fender-bender,” murmured the instructor. We went back to our papers and paints.

But the accident wasn’t on Hwy 98. It was about a mile away, at a busy intersection. Someone had run a red light, just as a friend is turning left, heading for work. Thankfully, my friend is okay. Shaken up. Her car is a mess. The other driver, the one who ran the red light, stopped long enough to ask if she was okay. She said yes. He ran back to his car and drove away. But he won’t get far: one of the witnesses got his license plate number.

You never know, do you? How your day will go? Take it easy out there, okay?


4 thoughts on “Skies and Sounds

  1. You never know indeed. Glad your friend is okay. I like the way your painting turned out. Your’s has more of a sunny day feel. I think their’s looked more impending storm in my opinion. I’ll take the sunny. Nice job of it.

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    1. Thanks! I have never been to the Grand Caymans. I’ll have to read your post! And yes, it was scary. More so because we heard the sirens without realizing the implications. The worst time for me to hear sirens was when my children were still at home but old enough to drive. And not at home. Or worse, late… ugh.


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