A Party of Violets

Day 28:  Or perhaps a Violet Riot?

There is a new crop of Violets – a bit more than buds, not quite yet blooms – in the plant in the kitchen window. They look so … fun, and curious, as if they’re slowly opening their eyes to the world around them. Their world.

budding violets.jpg

By the way, according to the African Violet Society of America, if your African Violet plant is not blooming, it might be because … it’s happy. Content, even. Here’s a quote from the AVSA website (item 6):

Some African violets become vegetative, meaning they are so comfortable that they only grow leaves. To convert them to being reproductive, you must give them a little scare. Repotting is one method. It also works to tap the pot firmly on a hard surface to create a minor earthquake. This seems to cause the plant to awaken the survival-of-the-species instinct and it will often set buds.

I am almost tempted to try something with Granny. A gentle boo, perhaps? But not yet.


4 thoughts on “A Party of Violets

  1. Sonja,
    Can the same not be said of us? A little bit, at least. Nothing huge. A nudge. A small tap to awaken us out of our routines? What would happen next, do you suppose?


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