G is for Gnome



Aristotle’s gnome is standing in the garden, where he appears to be looking out across the fields. But really, he’s just thinking: How did we come so far? Stoop so low? Where did we go wrong?

After all, it’s a long fall (though sometimes it seems to Aristotle’s gnome to be more of a sharp, sudden drop) from Homer to hedges.

He ponders his kin, the twelve hundred gnomai, among the oldest in the world. Keepers of oral tradition, from the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians on through to the wandering bards of Iceland, Ireland, Wales.

He would weep, if he could.


Note: I’m participating in the  A to Z Blogging Challenge for 2016. The challenge is to write 26 posts, each one tied to a letter of the alphabet.


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