N is for Nap time!


As I write this, I am nodding at my desk. Not in agreement, but because I am in need of a nap. No matter that I just woke up. Besides, going back to sleep isn’t the same as napping.

Napping stands alone. There it is, waiting in the corner … not waving, just resting. Waiting.

Once upon a time, by the way, when mimeographs still wandered the land, I was inside, in a class room, while outside, the sky was dark. Very dark. So dark that the lights were on, shining against the wet black glass of the windows. My desk was near the cloakroom, which had its own warm light that glowed down upon bright yellow raincoats, wool scarves, and neatly stacked boots.

The teacher handed out sheets of paper, still warm, from the mimeograph machine. We were to color a picture, in honor of Thanksgiving. We had each been given a single crayon. Mine was orange. The scent of damp wool drifted out from the closet. I lay my head down on my desk, clutching my orange crayon, my face against the warm paper ….

Now that was a nap!

Note: I’m participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge for 2016. Will I make it? Hmmmm….


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