O is for Obstreperous




Yesterday was a lovely day. Sunday. “Our” day off, we A- Zers. Had the window open. Nice breeze. First cup of coffee of the day.

Oops. Internet down. Just as well. It really is a beautiful day. Cool breeze. Sun is shining. Perfect Sunday.


The neighbor across the street is having her huge Magnolia tree cut back. With chain saws. Yes, plural.

After 30 minutes, I decide to take the car and head over to Okaloosa Island, visit the nature preserve. Something peaceful and serene. Except that all roads leading to the Island have become parking lots. The only traffic moving is a single car headed west at a jaunty 25 miles an hour. East-bound traffic is backed up farther than I can see. UPDATE: This is why traffic was backed up for miles.

I follow the escaping car. Five minutes later, I pull into my driveway. The tree work is done. I make a fresh pot of coffee. Decide to sit out front. Enjoy this splendid weather.


This time, it’s a hedge trimmer. Another yard, another neighbor. Do these people never rest?

I move out to the back porch to get away from the worst of the noise. Except the next door neighbor’s dog decides that I am some sort of biological threat. Or perhaps he’s barking at the squirrels. Or the hedge trimmer. Or the lack of internet.  He seems angry with the world. At the moment, I understand. But I do wish he’d stop barking.

And then he does. Stop barking. I realize that the trimming has stopped. Hallelujah! But the trimmer starts up again. The dog resumes barking.  Oh, joy.

How was your day?

Note: I’m participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge for 2016. Downhill from here. Oh, is that a cliff? No, that was several letters back. Must be my imagi—



2 thoughts on “O is for Obstreperous

  1. Yep. That sounds about right. Just when you think you are going to enjoy a peaceful, calm day, the world gets chaotic. Hopefully you got a little bit of peace when the hedge trimmer finally stopped and the dog quit barking.

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  2. I did finally find some peace – tried again to get to Okaloosa Island and made it with no problem. Sat on a bench at a nearby nature preserve, where the noisiest sound was Blue Heron chicks demanding food. There were several active nests at the tops and upper branches of the pine trees, Lovely!


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