Q is for Quandary

Q was a tough one. So many possibilities.

The elevation of the gadget guy AKA “Q” from the James Bond films was tempting. How did he get from this dry guy with a clipboard to the sidekick star-ish sort of person of the series? Comedic relief, of course, but there’s more going on than that. Whatever it is, I enjoy it. Q gets a point.

Quit was a possibility, which became more of a reality after I tripped in the yard and injured my knee. My poor knee looks like an extra from a low-budget film (what does she mean by that?). Quit loses a point because it’s giving up, the very idea of which is minus 200 points.

Note: I had about 18 possibilities, but my knee decided that if I didn’t stop, Quit would win.

So: “Q” wins!!!!

Note: I’m participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. It’s a quirky way to stay cool in the blog-o-stream.


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