S is for Stormy


A violent thunderstorm came through this morning and woke me up (as I lay in my metal bed, haha). This one came right off the Gulf, headed north with purpose.

Yesterday I intended to finish off my seascape watercolor, but by the time I got home from class, my son had sent me a text about Prince, and the painting was forgotten. I dragged it out just a little while ago. Put on  Patrick OHearn’s The Cold Sea’s Embrace from his So Flows the Current CD and went to work.

storm coming
Storm Coming

This was from last week’s class. I didn’t like the color of the water, so I basically scrubbed out the foreground and walked away.

Foreground changed

Now I just needed to add white foamy waves without messing up. Decided it didn’t matter, it’s just paper.

storm arrived
Storm Arrived

Note: This reminds me a bit of the waters off Pacific Grove – definitely more California than Gulf Coast. I was working from a photograph, local waters. The rocks on the right? In the photograph, those were jetties. But somehow I ended up in California.

I blame it on A to Z Blogging , which triggered  B is for Butterfly . Just kidding. The A to Z Blogging Challenge has been a wonderful experience.




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