T is for Tension



Things fall out of the sky all of the time.

Just last week, it was a Tomahawk Missile. Launched by a submarine somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico near the Florida Keys. Was supposed to be a routine testing operation near the Eglin Air Force test range.

Ordinary, normal operations. Until something went wrong and a 2,900 pound Tomahawk Missile crashed into the waters of Choctawhatchee Bay near Hogstown Bayou.

choctaw bay
Choctawhatchee Bay area map showing Hogstown Bayou and Freeport.

According to the Navy, the U.S. Navy tactical missile was inert and did not contain any explosive or radioactive material. So they say.

To quote Navy public affairs officer Jamie Cosgrove, “At this time, we don’t know why the missile’s flight was terminated, but an investigation is ongoing.”

Cosgrove also said that mishaps such as Tuesday morning’s incident are “pretty infrequent. I’ve been a public affairs officer for six years, and I can’t recall something like this happening before.”

I feel ever so much better, now. How about you?

Note to Cosgrove: Just FYI: The first test launch of the Tomahawk cruise missile, December of 1985, didn’t work out too well, either. After the missile went out of control, one of the chase pilots triggered the Tomahawk’s parachute, causing the missile to drop (‘plummet’) to earth in Freeport, Florida.



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