Day 5: Exploring Themes

I’m truly enjoying this course. Hopefully these words won’t come back to haunt me… ;o)

Today’s assignment is to visit the Theme Showcase, select three themes, and play with the customizing function.

As of 11:30 am on the 20th of July, Franklin is the theme. I’ll be playing with customization, so expect this post to change. How much and how often remains to be seen.

UPDATE: 9:22 am on the 23rd of July, switched the theme from Franklin to Edda. Why? Because Franklin didn’t have the Choose a Featured Image function (that I could spot, at any rate.) Does this mean that I’m working backwards through the alphabet? Hmmmm. The Featured Image option shows up on the menu bar to the left, but when I click update, there is no image. Trapped in the classroom!!!!! Send Help!!!! Just kidding.

Besides, I finally got the image loaded. My two favorite cameras, neither one operational. The larger one is a Polaroid 250 Land Camera. The smaller one is a miniature spy camera. Both are metaphors in the making…


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