Day 6: The Dominoes Are Stacking Up

The assignment for Day Six of Blogging Fundamentals is to write an irresistible About page. That was a few days ago, so I’m falling a bit behind.

At the moment, I have three blogs, all of which have an About page, but since I’m serious about this course, I’m working on it. But off stage. Using a pen, paper, plus an adorable hour glass with pink sand. It’s a three-minute timer.

Pink Time running out
It’s About Time …

Which is twice as long as the 90 second timed exercises that we are asked to do for this assignment. But how often do any of us get to play with hour glasses any more? Especially ones loaded with pink sand?

Am I stalling? Probably. But it’s Saturday as I write this. Homework piling up in the background. Like sand through the hour glass…


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