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Where We Go When We Say Goodbye

Day 11: Making a Prompt Personal


where we go when we leave phone.jpg
Image: Deep Indigo Inktense, Winsor Newton Blue Antwerp watercolor and water on Vellum 

When Prompts Backfire

So … recently, I signed up for the WordPress University Every Day Inspiration, thinking it would be a great way to get back into blogging after an extended absence. Then came Day One, and the prompt was: I write because …

That was June 27th. I’m still thinking about it. Why? Because … it’s complicated. I will write that post. I promise.

In the meantime, yesterday, while waiting for the plumber to arrive, I started doodling.

3 views of one writer

I think I’m at the Clump stage. Which is good. We’re making progress. So, maybe not a backfire as much as a back door. Whatever works.

S is for Stormy


A violent thunderstorm came through this morning and woke me up (as I lay in my metal bed, haha). This one came right off the Gulf, headed north with purpose.

Yesterday I intended to finish off my seascape watercolor, but by the time I got home from class, my son had sent me a text about Prince, and the painting was forgotten. I dragged it out just a little while ago. Put on  Patrick OHearn’s The Cold Sea’s Embrace from his So Flows the Current CD and went to work.

storm coming
Storm Coming

This was from last week’s class. I didn’t like the color of the water, so I basically scrubbed out the foreground and walked away.

Foreground changed

Now I just needed to add white foamy waves without messing up. Decided it didn’t matter, it’s just paper.

storm arrived
Storm Arrived

Note: This reminds me a bit of the waters off Pacific Grove – definitely more California than Gulf Coast. I was working from a photograph, local waters. The rocks on the right? In the photograph, those were jetties. But somehow I ended up in California.

I blame it on A to Z Blogging , which triggered  B is for Butterfly . Just kidding. The A to Z Blogging Challenge has been a wonderful experience.



A Pair of Apples


apples and chalk

Once upon a time (about three years ago, actually) I found a vintage set of Grumbacher chalk at an estate sale and came home and played with them. Adventure, it turns out, is everywhere!

Note: I’m participating in the  A to Z Blogging Challenge for 2016. The challenge is to write 26 posts, each one tied to a letter of the alphabet.


Skies and Sounds

Day 25: Musings

The theme/project of yesterday’s watercolor class was Skies. We practiced using variegated  wash and wax resist.

The image on the left is from a magazine. The paper on the right side is my first attempt at doing wax resist, using a white candle.

I made the mistake of laying down the candle before I sketched in the trees (the white parts in the sky and surrounding the trees are pretty much fixed in place and cannot be changed), so I turned this into a quick sketch of colors and shapes. Not a work in progress, but a decent practice of new (to me) techniques.

the study and the attempt first.jpg

Half way through the class, we heard the wailing of sirens. The art center is one block off of Hwy 98, which runs through downtown, over bridges, across several islands, has distracting views, frequent turns and – on a regular basis, accidents.

“Probably a fender-bender,” murmured the instructor. We went back to our papers and paints.

But the accident wasn’t on Hwy 98. It was about a mile away, at a busy intersection. Someone had run a red light, just as a friend is turning left, heading for work. Thankfully, my friend is okay. Shaken up. Her car is a mess. The other driver, the one who ran the red light, stopped long enough to ask if she was okay. She said yes. He ran back to his car and drove away. But he won’t get far: one of the witnesses got his license plate number.

You never know, do you? How your day will go? Take it easy out there, okay?

A Sense of Place

Day 23: We peek into an Art StudioBetty Denton Studio.jpg

Not mine, alas.

I’ve been doing casual research on a local artist, which led me to this photo of the house where she lived for 27 years. For reasons unknown at the moment, the house was put on the market last year and sold. This photo was taken while the house was on the market.

This is waterfront property, by the way. Her studio overlooked Lake Earl, which is a protected harbor that flows into Choctawhatchee Bay.

You can see the water from the windows. There’s a boat dock on the left and an outbuilding of some kind on the right.

Inside the room, I can make out a few details – rolled up rattan shades that could be lowered when needed. Tile floors that could be cleaned up pretty quickly. Shelves for books. A cabinet (a taboret) for holding papers and other art supplies.

One small window, overlooking … what?  Why?  Larger, deeper drawers for … what?

Maybe if I ever meet her, I can ask. And if I  find out, I’ll tell you. That’s a promise.

To all of us.