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Out of Nowhere: Mani-keys & the Rooster

Lord only knows where ‘we’ are headed with this, but I started playing with props for some sort of madcap art….

Manikey and the rooster the plot begins.jpg
Manikin carrying keys (Mani-keys) on an overcast Wednesday afternoon.
Manikey Man and the Rooster oblique view.jpg
The Oblique Approach. Don’t scare the Rooster, whatever you do….

And then a rough sketch to get everyone sort of situated … Or not.

Charcoal, pencil,  and pastel

Mani-keys looks armed –  and possibly dangerous – in this sketch. And Rooster doesn’t look too happy about it.

Ah, well. Wednesdays. What can you do?

The Groundhog on New Year’s Day

Imagine the confusion. The invitation lost in the mail. Or still being processed. The optimists have conferred and found evidence that not all is lost. But you suspect that they simply forgot to tell you … something.

They will tell you that they forgot. Or you did. After all, there is so much going on.

You know. They know. It’s a dance that happens on certain days. But this day, they leave you alone, sleeping in your dark barrow, while offstage, shadows are rehearsing through your dreams.

The Underpainted Heart

My mulching phase went on a bit longer than intended. Distractions abound, but not a single excuse in sight.

Been playing with oil pastels and Photoshop. This is the result, using the Underpainting filter in Photoshop.

The Underpainted Heart.jpg
Oil Pastel Heart with filter

I was a bit surprised that the Underpainting filter had such dramatic affect. But I like it. The original is below. I like them both. The next step is to recreate this on layers of tissue paper. Not as simple as it sounds, believe me!

The heart of my art.jpg
Original Oil Pastel Heart

Waiting ….

My writer self is in the process of mulching, so in the meantime …

Here is the Creature, waiting for the Mailman.  What do you suppose he’s expecting in the mail? Let me know in your comments.Creature waiting for the mailman.jpg

Day 6: The Dominoes Are Stacking Up

The assignment for Day Six of Blogging Fundamentals is to write an irresistible About page. That was a few days ago, so I’m falling a bit behind.

At the moment, I have three blogs, all of which have an About page, but since I’m serious about this course, I’m working on it. But off stage. Using a pen, paper, plus an adorable hour glass with pink sand. It’s a three-minute timer.

Pink Time running out
It’s About Time …

Which is twice as long as the 90 second timed exercises that we are asked to do for this assignment. But how often do any of us get to play with hour glasses any more? Especially ones loaded with pink sand?

Am I stalling? Probably. But it’s Saturday as I write this. Homework piling up in the background. Like sand through the hour glass…

Day 5: Exploring Themes

I’m truly enjoying this course. Hopefully these words won’t come back to haunt me… ;o)

Today’s assignment is to visit the Theme Showcase, select three themes, and play with the customizing function.

As of 11:30 am on the 20th of July, Franklin is the theme. I’ll be playing with customization, so expect this post to change. How much and how often remains to be seen.

UPDATE: 9:22 am on the 23rd of July, switched the theme from Franklin to Edda. Why? Because Franklin didn’t have the Choose a Featured Image function (that I could spot, at any rate.) Does this mean that I’m working backwards through the alphabet? Hmmmm. The Featured Image option shows up on the menu bar to the left, but when I click update, there is no image. Trapped in the classroom!!!!! Send Help!!!! Just kidding.

Besides, I finally got the image loaded. My two favorite cameras, neither one operational. The larger one is a Polaroid 250 Land Camera. The smaller one is a miniature spy camera. Both are metaphors in the making…