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The Robo Jr Story Writing Challenge

Word Press Every Day Inspiration Prompt Day 19: Invite a Guest.

Meet Robo Jr., the plot-generating game that uses a  spinning wheel to create story plots. I found him at an estate sale last week, and it was pretty much love at first sight.

Robo with envelope.jpg

This game was invented back in the early 1930’s by Wycliffe A. Hill. It reflects the language and societal limitations/expectations of that time, but it’s still fun to play with.


For today’s challenge, I took Robo Jr. for a spin, and here is where we landed:

Element No. Robo Answer
PLACE 15 In a construction camp
HERO 10 An engineer
OBSTACLE 8 One of them has a hidden past
PREDICAMENT 13 Evidence of great value is withheld from one or both
CRISIS 1 One of them is captured by kidnappers
CLIMAX 12 It develops that some character has been merely acting a part
Place: In a construction camp. Let’s say they are somewhere in the United Kingdom, in between the wars. Which wars? (Post Brexit)
Our Hero: an engineer (what sort of engineer?). I’m going with chemical.
Our Heroine: A spy (industrial? what sort of spy?). An accidental spy. How would that happen?
Obstacle: One of them has a hidden past. Only one? I say they both have secrets. But only one of them is deadly.
Predicament: Evidence of great value is withheld from one or both. Something physical I suppose. A large jewel? A cache of gold and diamonds? A cache of cliches!!!!
Crisis: A vile enemy is about to win a victory over one. Vile, eh? Does this involve mustaches? The enemy might be a corporation. With a mustache. Yes, of course.
Climax: It develops that some character has been merely acting a part. Well, this seems redundant, given all that is going on, but just for fun, we’ll throw in another character. Somewhere off stage, but moving, if not slouching, towards us…


Want to play along? Study the outline as a whole, then write a brief synopsis (200 – 300 words), see what develops, go from there, and have fun!!!



50 Words of Fiction: The Visitor

She comes late to breakfast to find the front door standing wide open. A spray of lilies scattered on the hall floor, furniture in splinters, curtains in tatters. Drifting from somewhere at the back of the house is the scent of burnt toast, and … strangers.

No going back now.

bloody looking beets.jpg
Photo credit: Ryan McGuire at Gratisography